segunda-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2008

Árvores fantásticas / Fantastic trees

Este foi um grupo de árvores que encontrei num dos passeios com os cães. São todas oliveiras de idade bastante avançada, com troncos retorcidos e esburacados, testemunha do tempo que passou.

These are a few beautiful trees I've come across during one of my walks. They're very old olive trees, with beautiful trunks.

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Frances disse...

Stunning, splendid, amazing, there aren't enough words to describe those trees. Each looks to have an extraordinary story to tell. What a wonderful place to take a walk, thanks for taking us along.

Frances at Faire Garden

kate disse...

These olive trees are really special - beautiful doesn't describe them well. The trunks are such intricate structures ... it looks almost as if they have been carved and polished to their present state.

Pedro Nuno Teixeira Santos disse...

A relativa facilidade com que se encontram magníficas oliveiras pelo Algarve não pára de me surpreender. Um abraço

Yolanda Elizabet disse...

Wow, they are stunning! I've seen lovely old olive trees in Portugal and Italy and fell in love with them right away. BTW I have an olive tree in my conservatory, well, a very small one but it is full of flowerbuds at the moment. I can't wait to see if I'll get olives from it too, later this year.