quinta-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2008

Em flor / Garden Bloger's Bloom Day

É altura para mais um GBBD. Este mês não há tantas plantas em floração no jardim, talvez devido a este inverno muito mais seco que o normal (e eu que teimo em não regar).

Well, it's time for another GBBD. Not s many flowers this month as in previous months, probably because of the drought (and I refuse watering the garden until summer is here)

Zanthedeschia aetiopica

Tulbaghia violacea

Bulbine frutescens

Phlomis fruticosa

Iris germanica

Chasmanthe aethiopica

Plecthranthus neochilus

Felicia amelloides

Dianthus caryophylus

E na horta:

And in the vegetable garden:

Amendoeira/Almond tree

Nabo greleiro/Rapini


Ervilhas tortas/ Mangetout peas

Favas/Broad beans

Ervilhas/Snap peas

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kate disse...

Gintoino - I thoroughly enjoyed looking through your flower photographs. It is incredible to see all the different flowers you have in bloom. There are some that I don't remember hearing of before, such as Tulbaghia violacea, Felicia amelloides & Chasmanthe aethiopica.

All of your flowers look beautiful to me - thanks for sharing them with us!!

Carol disse...

"Not much in bloom" sure looks like a lot of bloom to me. I think your garden looks wonderful, even with your drought.

I hope you get some rain soon!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

ez disse...

também teimo em não regar... Estou à espera de Domingo! :)

Bom Fim de Semana!!1

Frances disse...

I feel sorry for your struggle with the drought, we are having one also in Tennessee in the US. But you have beautiful blooms anyway, I love the calla lily and would like to try fava beans, the plant looks so different from our green beans.

Frances at Faire Garden

Lisa at Greenbow disse...

It was a delight to see so many wonderful flowers in your garden Gintino. You will have peas soon it looks like. I hope you get rain soon.

Green thumb disse...

Dear Gintoino, if this is what your garden looks like when there is 'not much in bloom', your garden in peak bloom period will give serious complex to all fellow garden bloggers:-). All your blooms look gorgeous!
Best Wishes

Yolanda Elizabet disse...

Love those blooms, especially the ones in your vegetable garden. TRhat almond blossom is gorgeous and so are the flowers of all the peas. Hoepfully I will have peas in flower in a few months too.

My blooms are up too!

chuck b. disse...

Plecthranthus neochilus--WOW!!

gintoino disse...

kate, thank you for stopping by. Your comments are always appreciated. chasmanthe aethiopica as naturalized itself in some areas here. I got this ones with the house, they grow from corms, Thulbaghia violacea can be used as a garlic substitute (it smells a bit like garlic)

Carol, thank you. There is rain predicted for Sunday. I hope they get it right this time.

ez, a ver se é desta q chove!

frances, sorry to ear you're going through a drought too. You should try fava beans, they are very easy to grow, and the plant itself is completely different from the other beans.

lisa, the mangetout peas are producing already. I've harvested a few already.

green thumb, thank you very much. However duribg spring (if it rains) we should have a lot more blooms

yolanda, vegetable blooms are probably my favorites for the moment. I am glad you decided to join GBBD again

chuck b. its a great plant, very easy, and when in bloom puts on quite a display. (the leaves have a somewhat unpleasant smell)

materfamilias disse...

Unbelievable all the bloom you have at this time of year. Now I'm even more excited about our upcoming trip to Portugal this June. I'll be back to explore your blog and find out a bit more about life in Portugal.

Bonnie disse...

The almond tree is beautiful. And I love the yellow bulbine as well. I have the orange but it would be nice to have the yellow as well.

Sue Swift disse...

Nice to find another European blogger - though the few degrees latitude further south makes a big difference to what's happening in the garden!

rusty in miami disse...

Excellent collection of flowers. You have the most interesting and beautiful flowers on GBBD. Good post

gintoino disse...

materfamilias, we have very mild winters (especially this one) so we usually have various plants in bloom during winter time. Great to know you are coming to visit my country. Where are you going to? June is a lot hotter with summer temperatures of around 30ºC

bonnie, almond trees in full bloom are really beautiful, and the smell is also great!

sue swift, thank you for visiting and leaving your comment. It's always great to find another european blogger.

rusty in miami, thank you for your comment. You are too kinde :-)