quinta-feira, 6 de março de 2008

Comecem a preparar o chantilly, os morangos já aí vêm / Start whipping the cream, strawberries are on their way

Mal posso esperar...Já sinto a água na boca

I can hardly wait to taste my first strawberries.

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kate disse...

Yum - I am imagining this strawberry tasting delicious with cream!

steph disse...


These strawberries look good. We have some white berries growing in a container on our roof. In the summer, I sit there with my feet on the container and just eat them right there.

Mel disse...

I'll wait to see the first strawberries, take a picture before eating them! ;)

gintoino disse...

kate, I sure hope so! It should be ready in a few days...yummm

Steph, thank you fro correcting me ;-). White strawberries?hum...I've never seen(tasted) such a thing!

mel, I sure will take some photos! This will be my first strawberrie ever! :-)

beckie disse...

Garden strawberries are the best! So much sweeter than those in the stores!

Crix disse...

Eu dispenso o chantilly, rs
Sabem-me melhor acabadinhos de apanhar, passar por água e comê-los logo ali ao sol, rsrs

Yolanda Elizabet disse...

You'll have to wait a bit longer as they are not ripe yet. ;-) But how lucky you are to be able to eat your own strawberries very, very soon!

Patrick disse...

White Strawberries:


There's a yellow kind too.

If you like I can send some seeds this summer.

M Sinclair Stevens (Texas) disse...

My strawberries are just about the same size. Unfortunately, a freeze is forecast for tonight.

gintoino disse...

beckie, these will be my first strawberries, I sure am anxious to taste them.

crix, cá me parece q esse vai ser o destino da maioria ;-)

yolanda, very soon I hope! There is one that is almost ripe.

patrick, they look wonderful! If I want some seeds? yes please!

m sinclair, so sorry to ear about the frost forecast. I'm so lucky, we rarely have frost here.

Lisa at Greenbow disse...

Wow, I can't believe you have strawberries already. This gives me hope that spring is coming here too.

gintoino disse...

Lisa, you just have to have a bit more patience, spring is going your way