domingo, 26 de setembro de 2010

Sementeiras/ Seedlings



As alfaces plantadas o mês passado têm crescido bem. Hoje foi dia de plantar novas alfaces, 4 variedades que nunca tinha semeado antes ("Bionda Foglia Liscia", "Salad Bowl", "Bionda del Ortolani"e "Verte Maraîchère"). Vamos ver se crescem tão bem e são tão boas como as dos anos passados.

Lettuces are growing at a good rateand today was the day to plant a few more. These are all new varieties to me ("Bionda Foglia Liscia", "Salad Bowl", "Bionda del Ortolani"and "Verte Maraîchère") , so I'm really excited to see how will they do and how tasty they are.

Ainda à espera de serem plantadas temos couves, couves-flor, alho francês, espinafres, nabos e mais ervilhas. Para não variar volto a fazer as sementeiras em módulos para depois as transplantar para a horta. É muito raro que a sementeira directa me dê bons resultados por isso cada vez mais este será o método a seguir.

I still have lots of seedlings wayting their turn. Cabbages, cauliflowers, turnips, leeks, spinach and more peas are still growing in modules until they are big enough to be planted out. Direct sowing simply doesn't give me good results, so apart from broad beans which work well when directly sowed I'm sowing everything else in modules.


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chaiselongue disse...

I've found the same - last year all my spinach seedlings disappeared in a hail storm, sometimes they just don't seem to germinate at all, so this year we've planted out seedlings grown in small pots. I wish I'd done the same with turnips as they all seem to have disappeared this year!

gintoino disse...

chaiselongue, not only that, but in my opinion the germination rate is a lot lower (either that or someone eats my seeds)