sexta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2010

As primeiras ervilhas /Peas


Outra das coisas que semeei mais cedo este ano foram as ervilhas. Segundo o calendário hortícola, as ervilhas podem começar a ser semeadas em Setembro. Vai daí resolvi experimentar. estas são ervilhas da variedade "Capucijners", uma variedade holandesa que dá vagens de cor roxa. O ano passado cresceram bem em Fevereiro, vamos ver como se vão dar este ano.

I started sowing peas really early this year. The Portuguese horticultural calendar recomends that you should start sowing peas in September, so I decided to give it a try (I usualy only sow them in November). These are "Capucijners" a dutch purple podded variety. They grew really well last February, we'll see how they'll this year.

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Jackie disse...

I am enjoying reading your blog as I am growing loads of fruit and veg on our little 'farm' in Central Portugal. You mentioned the Portuguese horticultural calendar - where would I be able to get one of those (from an Agricultural co-operative place)?


gintoino disse...

Hello Jackie, welcome to my blog.
I've been using this online horticultural calendar:

Hope this helps

Jackie disse...

Thank you for this, that's great. I'm surprised that they suggest sowing peas now (and October). The peas I planted a few months ago have not done very well - far too hot. Plus the flowers from the runner beans kept falling off, ditto the dwarf beans. I think the heat was to blame for all this. I'm hoping that the autumnal weather will be cooler but not cold, so perhaps it's ok to sow now...