domingo, 31 de maio de 2009



O jardim ontem à tardinha estava cheio destas pequenas mariposas. Não são os insectos mais bonitos que por lá aparecem, mas foi interessante ver como os visitantes variam conforme a hora do dia.

Yesterday, at dusk, the garden was full of these little nocturnal buterflies. Not the pretiest little guys, but it was interesting to see how garden visiters change throughout the day.



5 comentários:

Sande disse...

Beautiful colors in your photos. Is that lavendar that the moths are on?

Gardening Fool disse...

Nice shots!!! Those are so hard to get because the light by the time they visit the garden is not that great. Looks like a hummingbird moth also called is a good site with more info and the different types.

Also, be careful if you see very large caterpillars on or around your tomato plants as that is one of their host plants (the caterpillars feed on the leafs and the tomatoes as well).

I love, love, love your blog!

Lisa at Greenbow disse...

Great shots of the moths and butterflies in your garden. Lavender does attract beautiful bugs.

kate smudges disse...

Gorgeous photos of the butterfly hard at work!

miguel disse...

Elas tambem invadiram as tílias do largo do Carmo aqui junto à minha casa.O mais engraçado é que não me lembro de as ver há uns anos atrás .Terão vindo com as alterações climáticas?