quinta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2008

Os primeiros feijões /First beans

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Também já comecei a colher os primeiros feijões secos. Estes são da variedade "Dog Bean" e foram-me oferecidos pelo Patrick. Apenas algumas das sementes germinaram pelo que não tive possibilidade de colher os feijões verdes. Estes vão ser as sementes do ano que vem.

I'm also starting to pick the first beans. These are Dog beans, offered to me by Patrick. Not many of the original seeds sprouted , so I didn't have the chance to try them as green beans. These will be next year seeds and hopefully they will all sprout.

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Patrick disse...

I just got some beans from my plants the other day too. Yours have a lot more red on them than mine.

I think you still have enough time for another crop this year. I'm going to plant another round myself in a few days.

Maturity for green beans is about 60 days, and 90 days for the dried beans. If you plant them today, that would be about 7 October for green beans and 7 November for dried. November is a little late for me, and I may not get any more dried beans, but I should get some green beans.

chaiselongue disse...

The beans look lovely. What do you do with them? Are they dried?

gintoino disse...

patrick, yes I also think I could still try a second crop this year but just dont have the spare space now. Also I have other beans growing for the moment wich will provide me with enough green beans until winter. All my beans came a lot darker than the seeds you sent me, I wonder what happened..

chaiselongue, yes they are dried. I think they make good green beans but I'm not sure if they are good as dry beans. this was my first year with them so all the beans will be next year's seeds

Patrick disse...

The beans are dual purpose, and can be used both dried and fresh. I think they taste great both ways.

Dried they are a little like red beans.

I think the reason they are so red is called 'day and night'. Sometimes two colored beans do this. Sometimes the colors just reverse, so everything that was dark is light and everything that was light is dark.

The 'day and night' effect with beans is harmless and common, and if you replant the beans what grows will be normal.

Søren did a post about it here, and we were also talking about it on Daughter of the Soil:


Patrick disse...

How did the rest of the harvest go?

I ended up with quite a large harvest, more than I was expecting.

Did all your beans come out this color red?

gintoino disse...

Hi patrick, the beans went ok, I have about 5 times as much beans as I started with. Considering that many of them didn't grow, I think that it was good. All my beans came red like these, some of them with almost no white. We'll see next year if they reverse.

Matron disse...

Thanks again for sending the dog beans, can you tell me if they are bush beans or climbing beans? I need to find them a good home.

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