domingo, 15 de junho de 2008

Em flor / Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Benvindos a mais um Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Esta é uma iniciativa do blog May Dreams Gardens, cujo objectivo é mostrar no dia 15 de cada mês todas as plantas em flor nos nossos jardins. Qualquer um pode participar bastando para isso ir ao May Dreams Gardens e deixar um comentario com o link.

Welcome to another Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. GBBD is hosted by May Dreams Gardens. If you would like to participate you just have to post your GBBD on the 15th and then leave a comment on May Dreams Gardens.

Rubus sp.

Allium sphaerocephalon

Salvia leucantha

Mentha pulegium

Tulbaghia violacea & Lavandula dentata

Cistus x purpureus

Sysirichium striatum

Gauria lindheimeri

Punica granatum

Salvia microphylla

O tempo este ano tem estado um pouco estranho,e isso reflete-se nas plantas do jardim. Algumas plantas que já deviam estar a florir ainda estão atrasadas, e outras que já não deviam ter flor. continuam a florir.

Weather has been atypical and that influences the plants in the garden. Some plants that should be blooming by now are still without flowers and others that should be gone by now are still blooming.
Santolina chamaecyparissus

Satureja montana

Echinacea palida

Echinacea purpurea "Rubistern"

Bidens ferrulifola

Phlomis fruticosa & Leonitis leonurus

Origanum sp.

Iris germanica
(esta já devia ter patrado de florir há muito)
(it should have stopped blooming long ago)

Asteriscus maritimus

Felicia amelloides

Hebe sp.

Lavandula canariensis

19 comentários:

joco disse...

Good morning,

Wish I could take a non-virtual stroll through your garden as well right now: it looks lovely and warm, whereas we here in the UK are shivering today.

Lots of good looking herbs you have around. And my Iris germanica also produced an unexpected flower yesterday.

jocodeane UK

Sarah Laurence disse...

Wow - a bilingual post or rather trilingual if we count the Latin names. I'm impressed! I'll have to show my son as he's chosen Spanish as his second language at school after sampling French, Latin, Japanese and Hebrew at other stages. He's enjoying Spanish.

Your garden is lovely and the blooms so interesting. I echo joco above - we've had a very wet, cold spring in England but at least the sun is out now. Thanks for sharing your sunshine.

Lisa at Greenbow disse...

Great GBBD post Gintonio. There are several flowers here I haven't seen before. Your climate is so different than ours. You can grow things I have never heard of before. They are all beautiful.

Rose disse...

I haven't been here in awhile; it's so interesting to see the different blooms around the world. But the purple coneflower and salvia look very familiar:) I really like those dainty blue flowers. Great post!

chuck b. disse...

Your garden must smell wonderful! What about that Satureja montana--is that fragrant too?

Mr. McGregor's Daughter disse...

Your garden is still overflowing with color, and that Cistus is a shot of wow-pink. It is strange that your Bearded Iris is still blooming. I think I have the same allium. It's flowers are still in the skin.

Viooltje disse...

I can almost imagine the wonderful scent of your Mediterranean garden. As usual, wonderful array of beautiful blooms. My compliments!

Katarina i Kullavik disse...

A grand selection of beautiful plants!
Happy Garden Bloom Day! /Katarina

Dama do Lago disse...

Puuuuuuuuuuuxa!!! Tanta flor :)!! O teu jardim está um fabuloso mar de cores, fantástico! Aproveita bem :)!

Weed Whackin' Wenches disse...

I love the felicia amelloides. Wonderful color. Here in Seattle we are all in shock as we woke up to sunshine--and it is supposed to last all day long. Lovely blooms in your garden. --Curmudgeon

Carol disse...

June must be exciting in your garden, with so much blooming right now. It's beautiful.

Thanks for joining in again for bloom day.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

rusty in miami disse...

Great blooms, thanks for sharing

Anónimo disse...

Tudo muito bonito, invejável mesmo. Boa semana!

Muum disse...

thanks for your visit to my blog. I enjoyed seeing your flowers, esp the Allium. I am growing some of those this year, too!

gintoino disse...

Joco, yes, many of my garden plants are herbs, they look nice, smell nice and can be used in the kitchen, what else can a guy want from its garden?

Sarah, your welcome to my sunshine garden any time (by the way, the bilingual post is in Portuguese/English...)

rose, yes the blue flowers of Felicia amelloides are really beautiful.

chuck b, like most culinary herbs you can smell Satureja only if you touch or crush it. Its new to the garden, but it's growing pretty well. Haven't tried it in the food yet.

mr.mcgregors'daughter, Irises are having strange behaviors in my garden latelly. I had one flowering last autumn...

viooltje, that's something very important for me in a garden, the smell. My garden has beautiful flowers and fragrant plants all over.

katarina, thank you!

Dama do Lago, com o inicio do calor (e da seca) começa a haver menos plantas em flor, mas consegue-se sempre encontrar flores por aqui ;-)

www, yes, it is a wonderfull color. I probably should get more of them, they are so easy going.

carol, thank you for hosting anothe GBBD!

rusty, I also liked your tropical blooms.thank you

anónimo, obrigado!

muum, these alliums are very beautiful and so easy to grow. You did well in including them inn your garden, everybody should have some ;-)

Blackswamp_Girl disse...

Wow... one picture is lovelier than the next! I particularly like the gaura flower in front of what I think must be a pennisetum grass. Gorgeous photo, that.

Annie in Austin disse...

Hello Gintoino,

Although my part of Austin has a lot of shade, there are places in the Hill Country to the west where the land looks more like yours. All over central Texas people grow some plants in common with yours, including coneflowers, salvias and pomegranates. Gaura lindheimeri comes from this area, and there are lavender festivals nearby. I guess we are trying to be Mediterranean, too, but there are only lakes formed by dams here - no oceans!

It's fun to see your garden - Happy Blooming Day!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

gintoino disse...

blackswamp_girl, yes its a penisetum behind the Gaura. I just love the way the Gaura's flowers look like white butterflies flying above the grass.

Annie, I didn't know Gaura lindheimeri came from texas. I thought it was south african. Thank you for that!

lisa disse...

Your weather sounds like mine-only in the fact that some blooms are lingering longer and some delayed. The whole season here is at least 2 weeks behind the usual, but I'm glad it's here, regardless! You sure have a nice assortment of blooms there! Happy Bloom Day! (Heh...I'm always late! :)