sexta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2008

Coraleira / Cockspur Coral Tree

jardim 4842

Com a chuva a coraleira voltou a florir (mas quantas vezes é que esta arvore floresce ao ano? Eu contei pelo menos 3). Desta vez com o tempo mais ameno as flores abriram e pudemos apreciá-las durante 2 semanas. Por enquanto a árvore ainda é muito pequena, mas quando for maior...deve fazer um vistão!

With all the rain the cockspur coral tree decided to bloom again (third time this year!). And this time the flowers weren't scorched by the sun and we were able to really enjoy them for the last 2 weeks. I'm gessing that wonce the tree grows it will be quite a sight once in full bloom.

2 comentários:

Nicole disse...

Those flowers are quite something. I have two small seedlings from seeds I planted one month ago-I hope they grow into such lovely trees.

Lisa at Greenbow disse...

Oh my, this is a gorgeous tree. I have never seen it before. The blooms look like they have been made of wax.