quinta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2008

Colheita do dia/Today's harvest


Finalmente comecei a colher batatas doces. Assadas, quentinhas, devem ser uma maravilha.

I finally started to harvest my sweet potatoes. I'm thinking hot steaming baked potatoes...

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greenman disse...

Uhmmmm... já cheira!

ameixa seca disse...

Têm uma cor linda!

Roses and stuff disse...

Oh, sweet potatoes - how delicious!

Yolanda Elizabet disse...

Another harvest, your veggie garden is doing very well in keeping you fed. Happy munching!

Lisa at Greenbow disse...

They do look yummy. I like a little brown sugar and butter on my sweet potatoes. How do you eat them?

Weed Whackin' Wenches disse...

Oh! I love sweet potatoes. We didn't have very good look with our purple potatoes this year. But now I want to try growing sweet potatoes next year. --Curmudgeon

chaiselongue disse...

I love sweet potatoes! Do you buy seed potatoes or grow them from ones you buy in shops or markets? Our neighbour says that the ones for sale in France have been treated so that they don't sprout. He asked us to bring him back some from Spain but they didn't sprout either!

Sónia disse...

Olá! Passei para agradecer a visita e o simpático comentário e para conhecer o teu blog

E fiquei deliciada! Que coisas tão apetitosas que tens por aqui!
As fotos são simplesmente fantásticas!

Parabéns pelo fantástico trabalho, por aqui e pela horta. Fico à espera dos próximos rebentos!

Bom fim de semana

gintoino disse...

greenman, infelizmente as primeiras q assei não eram mto saborosas.

ameixa seca, é verdade..esse foi o principal motivo pelo qual tive de as fotografar ;-)

roses and stuff, well...these first ones weren't all that delicious. Not very sweet.

yolanda, yes, I hardly buy any vegies these days.

lisa, I usually just bake them, but brown sugar and butter sound good!

www, sweet potatoes are very easy to grow. I think you will be ok

chaiselongue, I used supermarket bought potatoes, even if treated they will eventually sprout.

Sonia, benvinda, obrigado pelo simpático comentário.