terça-feira, 17 de junho de 2008

Em Flor...na horta / Garden Bloggers Bloom Day...vegetable garden edition

Pepino /Cucumber


Feijão/Bush beans

Couve flor (não é exactamente uma flor...mas com este nome acho que merece aparecer aqui)

Cauliflower (not exactly a bloom, I know...but with such a name I think it belongs here)

Tomate /Tomato

Feijão verde/ Runner bean

Abobora/Winter squash

Cravos tunicos/Marigolds

Chicória /Chicory

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Cathy disse...

olá! sou uma visita assidua do seu blog... e cada vez é uma bela surpresa. Sou de uma vila muito mais a norte, e assim vou vendo as flores que vêm aí...uma vez que cá e, cima as culturas vêm mais tarde...
quer-se dizer.. eu já há muito que tenho pepinos, semeei na estufa, e depois tirei a estufa já com eles adultos, agora é só colher quase 2 a 3 por dia!
Bom mas o que me chamou mais a atenção no seu post é a flor do feijão vermelha, que tipo de feijão é?
Desculpe o longo comentário.

gintoino disse...

Olá cathywoman, obrigado pelas visitas e pelo comentário. Pois quanto aos feijões...já me fartei de procurar e não encontro o pacote onde vinham as sementes. São aquilo a q os ingleses chamam "runner beans". Pertencem a uma especie diferente (Phaseolus coccineus) da dos feijões vulgares(Phaseolus vulgaris). Servem para feijão verde (o meu objectivo) mas tb para feijão seco.

Anónimo disse...

Gorgeous vegetables! My cauliflower is just beginning to head up!

gintoino disse...

Layanee, thank you! I collected that one today and offered it to my parents, they love cauliflower.

Viooltje disse...

Your veggies look quite healthy and strong, and well groomed :-) I'm in constant process of fighting weeds in my veg garden, sometime I wonder if its all worth the pain in my back and knees, but then one look at a lovely, fresh cucumber does it for me.

If you want, I can collect & send you some of those Verbascum seeds when they mature, the thing grows wild in my garden. It has absolutely giant leaves at the bottom so until it bloomed this year I was puzzled for a while and wondered if aliens have touched down in my garden and left some mutated crops behind ;-)

ameixa seca disse...

Nunca tinha visto uma flor de feijão assim... muito bonita. Até chicória tens. Esse quintal é fabuloso ;)

Lisa at Greenbow disse...

Seeing these vegetable blossoms just gives me one more reason to want a veggie garden. They are just beautiful.

Unknown disse...

Ah... gintoino, we are even, now. Because your chickory is a weed over here, like my silene is a weed in your garden! I admit that I love the blooms, though, and often let these weeds go in my own yard--such a pretty blue. Do you eat the roots?

I love how your veggie garden looks so pretty. I can't believe that some people think that vegetable gardens cannot look nice--they just haven't seen the right layout, or looked hard enough, I think!

gintoino disse...

viooltje, I think that the fact of knowing exactly what we are eating makes it worth. (yes please, I would like some seeds of that Verbascum)

ameixa seca, a chicória vinha numa mistura de sementes para folhas de salada, só decobri o q era depois de florir.

Lisa at greenbow, vegetable gardens can be just as beautiful as a regular garden, I think (not the case of mine, but in the future who knows?)

blackswamp girl, We also have chicory as a weed around here, this one came in a mesclum seed packet and I only realised it was chicory once it bolted. We ate the leaves, a bit bitter but still nice in a salad mix.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen disse...

I like the vegetable edition of GBBD very very much. Cauliflower can be included IMO as the whole veg looks like a giant flower. ;-)

lisa disse...

Nice! I really like your "veggie twist" on the Bloom Day theme. (Heh..."veggie twist" sounds like a dance, or a cool drink!) Happy Bloom Day!