sábado, 2 de fevereiro de 2008

4 meses depois/4 months later

Só para vos mostrar que 4 meses depois do "acidentedesconhecidoqueresultounumamandibulapartida" o Jasmim está optimo! Ainda tem de voltar à clinica para extrair um canino inferior mas fora isso está optimo. Como se pode ver na foto tornou-se gato caseiro e está cá dentro sempre que pode.

Thought I should let you know that 4 months after the "unknownaccidentthatresultedinabrokenjaw" Jasmim is doing great! I still need to take him to the clinic in order to remove one of the lower canines, but everything else is ok. He also became a mainly indoor cat (he wouldn't come in the house before the accident) as you can see in the photo.

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Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen disse...

I'm so happy that Jasmim is recovering so well. And he's a clever cat too because staying indoors means less chance of nasty accidents!

I hope the removal of his tooth goes well. My Vita and Dolly both had a rotten tooth last year and they had to come out. It went very well for both of them and now they are happy kittycats once again.

Paulo disse...

Que boa notícia, Gintoino. Já tinha saudades do Jasmim.

kate disse...

Jasmin is a beautiful kitty - now I am curious about the 'accident'. It's too late to go back and read your posts to discover more about this, so I shall come and visit tomorrow.

I am glad all is well.

I have added your blog to my 'playing in the dirt' links. Thank you for adding my blog to your links!

Unknown disse...

I'm glad that your cat is doing well. It sounds like he either was hit a glancing blow by a car, or some nasty person hurt him. The main thing is, he's safe with you, and a mostly indoor cat now. It's hard to keep them in, but even harder to see them hurting, isn't it? Most of our 8 catchildren stay indoors except with adult supervision when we're outside. One goes out on a harness and leash, and the three oldest go out alone, but avoid the road. And we do have room here because we're rural--if we lived in a town, they'd all be indoors all the time.

gintoino disse...

yolanda, hopefully all will go well. I should have removed it when he had the first surgery, but at the time we thought there was a chance it didn't cause any problems in the future.
paulo, obrigado. Tb já tinhamos saudades das tuas visitas.
kate, I believe the post about the accident is not written in english. Basically jasmim showed up one night with a broken jaw. I'm not sure what happened (probably he felt from a tree or something)
jodi, we live in the middle of the countryside, with not many cars passing by. All our 4 cats are indoors/outdoors cats (they're indoors when we are home but prefer to go out when they are alone) and in 8 years that we live here this was the 2nd accident. Maybe I should keep them inside all the time, but they live a happier live like this I think.

Dama do Lago disse...

As melhoras para o Jasmim!